Nirvana Restaurant

Flow with us...

It’s better not to pigeonhole our cuisine into a specific style; here, we flow with the rhythms of nature and the abundance of Mother Earth, which not only provides us with its fruits but also inspires us day by day, season by season.

Aromas and spices without borders awaken over the fire: local products and traditions merge with exotic elements. We aim for freshness, purity, and organic goodness. The ingredients come from the garden and the farm; they are harvested on the spot and transformed into culinary art by Juan Carlos, chef and host. Plus, creativity and love.


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Our Chef

Originally from Mexico City, Chef Juan Carlos graduated from the Iberoamerican Institute in Mexico City and later from The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, N.Y. He began his culinary journey at Hotel Camino Real in Mexico, Acapulco, and Cancun. He traveled through Europe, particularly Spain, to gather experiences and immerse himself in ancestral flavors and aromas.

Fine dining in the countryside

Back in the country, in San Miguel de Allende, he served as Executive Chef at the prestigious Boutique Hotel La Puertecita. In 2001, he embarked on the adventure at Restaurant Nirvana, implementing the innovative concept of signature cuisine, with a menu designed under the Chef’s signature.

Juan Carlos Escalante has taught classes and demonstrations for students from prestigious culinary schools and has been featured in national and international publications.


Our Vegetables are Organic and Come from Our Garden

Come and Enjoy Our Extensive Menu.